Write An Essay On The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre was and still the most debatable massacre. No one seems to know what actually took place on March 5th 1770. They are many different stories written telling on what had happened that day but no one is sure what is facts and what is myth. In this essay I will help evaluate three documents written days after the event happened. One reason why this event took place was because the Parliament passed the Stamp act, which is a way to finance the British Troops in North America. According to The Boston Gazette a few young men came down Cornhill and started chaos. A soldier was swinging a sword against the walls causing to profusely struck fire. Someone with a large weapon came to accompany the soldier. One of the young man by the name of Edward Archbald advised William Merchant to get rid of the sword. By this time the soldier turned and struck Archbald on the arm and pushed Merchant, the sword…show more content…
The people’s back were towards them when the people were attacked. Mr. Knox declares that Captain Preston was then agitated that according to him that they were about seventy to eighty people on King Street at the time. They believed that Captain Preston ordered the soldiers to fire and repeated that order. One shot was fired and other soldiers followed until a dozen shots were fired. From the British side it was said that the attack was made by men who are armed with heavy clubs and snowballs being thrown at them which put lives in imminent danger. Some from the crowd yelled out “damn your bloods-why don’t you fire.” Right after four soldiers fired one after another. The mob ran away except the three men who instantly died in which Mr. Gray was one of those. One more dead and three dangerously wounded and fore slightly
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