Write An Essay On The Importance Of Railroad Crossing

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I would imagine that your life is more important than anything you have to do. There should never be any excuse why you have to cross the railroad crossing illegally. When the bells are ringing and the lights are flashing at a railroad crossing you should always stop no matter what. When you approach a railroad crossing you should slow down and never cross a car at a railroad crossing. A train can’t stop instantly and it can’t swerve out of the way. A car to a train is like a soda can to a car. Trains can destroy you and your vehicle. When traveling by foot never walk on a railroad crossing. It is trespassing to walk down a railroad. If you are caught doing this there can be some giant fines with it. Are you in that big of a hurry that you…show more content…
When every the lights and bells start ringing that means that a giant train is coming and trains can total not only your life, but everybody in your car. Try and pay attention to warning signs about railroad crossing. If you see any of these warning signs you should slow down. It is illegal to park within fifty feet of any railroad crossing. When stopped at a railroad crossing you should be fifteen to fifty feet away from the railroad crossing. Every railroad crossing should be taken serious even if it looks old and non- active. You never should drive onto railroad tracks until you are sure that a train is coming. Never get stuck on train tracks. If your vehicle was to ever stall on train tracks you should immediately exit the vehicle and clear the tracks. Just play it safe and never try to race a train across a railroad crossing. If you are ever caught at a railroad crossing be super careful. Allow you vehicle enough time to stop if a train were to immediately appear. When coming to a railroad crossing you should turn down your radio and try to listen for trains. If you do not see any trains and you feel like it’s ok. You can then cross the tracks. To sum it all up always be careful when coming to a railroad crossing.

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