Write An Essay On The Importance Of Literacy

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Literacy History Essay

Literacy was something that I used to struggle with as I was growing up but simply got easier for me as I got older, since I come from a spanish background my parents only spoke to me in spanish for the first couple years of my life so I only knew to how to speak spanish and I didn’t start learning to speak english until I was four to five years old, because of this the first two years of school was a real struggle for me. I didn’t understand what my teachers were saying so because of that I obviously couldn’t read or write either and since I couldn’t read or write I was failing my english class and was on the verge of flunking.
So because of this I had to start getting extra help from my teachers and I had to go home after school and spend one to two hours just practicing my reading and writing which was not fun for a five year old to do, because of this I slowly started to hate literature since I was constantly reading and writing, eventually though my literature skills got better and I ended up passing the class. After that I didn’t hate literature as much anymore because it got easier for me and I actually started to enjoy reading after school. I would go to the school library check out a book I liked and actually go home and read it, back then I didn’t have any video games to keep me
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I remember the first time I read a Magic Tree House book was in class during our reading break after that I was hooked on the books I would go to the store and buy a book, come home read it and then go back to the store and buy the next one and so on and so

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