Write An Essay On The Judicial Branch

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The judicial branch, consisting of the U.S. courts, is mainly in charge of defining the state/national laws, how to apply them in situations, and regulates if laws are constitutional. Federal judges need to first be nominated by the president, then confirmed by the Senate in a (mostly) disputable process. The Senate wants to make sure all justice leaders approved are fit to rule constitutionally in society. The president is always looking for judges who share their same ideology, and will oversee judicial appointments very carefully because they are a way for him/her to affect public policy long after their presidency term. As a member of the judicial branch, they are commonly known to settle disputes in court, incorporating the laws and people 's constitutional rights. In doing so, they are also a national policymaker. Their opinions and ruling affect how the constitution should be defined in the political system. Published opinions serve as precedents for other federal courts and future Supreme Court decisions.…show more content…
In many cases, peoples ' civil rights have been violated by another person, or the government, and the court 's decision highly affects how the constitution, and government system, is viewed. Leaders have the power to be a sort of referee of the democratic process, and declare what is right/wrong (which isn 't always easy). Everyone 's ideology is different, so many decisions on leadership, justices, and diversity have direct impact on civil rights. It is very important who we, as the people, put into office, because the justice leaders appointed by the president, will likely have a similar mindset and will treat the public as he/she would. If the president has a strong opinion for or against something, the judicial branch could possibly lean in that direction as well, affecting civil rights and civil liberties all
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