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Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are already engaged, but the relationship of the two stars is being plagued of controversies. It has been said that the wedding of the “Twilight” star and the 27-year-old singer was supposed to happen before the year ends, but no exchange of vows happening yet.

"She talks about it keeping as real and low-key and then wants an elaborate glamorous Baroque affair," the source told People. "She was even talking at one stage about having a masked ball."
To recall, the 29-year-old actor and the singer got engaged just earlier this year after six months of dating. However, their wedding plans were pushed back as the couple was planning for a bigger celebration as Twigs wasn’t sure yet what kind of wedding she would like to have.
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They didn’t even say that date of their marriage, but the source added that it will probably be before the year ends and will be moved "until autumn at the earliest."
However, Hollywood Life added that the there was a more serious reason why their wedding didn’t pursue. An insider confirmed that the original plan was they were getting married this year, but Pattinson’s “indecision” was causing the delay.
Allegedly, the producer’s family was against the songwriter and asked him if he was really sure of her. “[They] a seed in his head, questioning whether Twigs is the right person he should be settling down with.”
Additionally, the model was now hesitating as “there’s the matter of the wedding” and his kin were “quite traditional.” The source said that they were the ones who wanted a bigger wedding.
In fact, they were looking forward for a “church wedding, but Rob doesn’t want such a fuss,” the source said. Twigs, on the other hand, was contented with what Pattinson liked as the insider added: “she’s laid back about the whole

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