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The narrative “Prom”, is about a man named Hasan Minhaj who is indian and has been required to go to prom. Hasans father moved to America to pursue “The American Dream”, but Hasan himself was born in California. He meets a girl named Bethany and they became friends during high school because he thought she was beautiful. Then one day during science the teacher had placed bethany and Hasan, as people that were going to go together to prom. After that Hasan has to sneak out of his house because his parents are strict about those types events, and ends up being let down because Bethany’s family rejected him when he showed up at the door for the event, just because he was a different race. The topic of this narrative is race. A possible theme for…show more content…
When Amy sees the boy’s reaction to their unusual chinese Christmas dinner she immediately becomes embarrassed when her family isn’t showing proper “American Manners” by reaching and grabbing at the food with their used chopsticks. After that her father brings out a steamed fish and points out that the fish cheeks are her favorite part, and she feels annoyed that he pointed it out.Then when her father belches at the dinner table she wants to hide away because she doesn 't want the boy to think she is weird just because of her heritage. After the family leaves her mother tells her that she shouldn 't be ashamed of her heritage, should should embrace it instead. The topic of this story is embarrassment of where you 're from. A possible theme for the narrative could be, don 't be ashamed of your heritage. This is because the whole story Amy is so worried about what the boy will think of her version of a “ Christmas dinner” because it is very different from a traditional American dinner. Then she realizes that it shouldn 't matter where you come from, it makes you

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