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The medical field is a constant changing environment that seemingly opens up new discoveries on a daily basis. Modern technology has allowed vast improvements in the way treatment and diagnoses are conducted, even as far as early screenings to avoid and locate any health compromising complications. Over the years, sonography has developed into an expanding vocation that acquired new methods to implement into programs as well as majorly contributed towards medical diagnoses and treatments. Ultrasound technicians have become a valuable aid in the development of modern medicine as a whole. A sonographer is a key first defense when encountering internal health issues. Their duties cover obtaining patient information, preparing and operating the diagnostic equipment in addition to interpreting the captured images to detect any abnormalities present (“What Diagnostic Medical”). Stated…show more content…
An ultrasound technician can specialize in cardiovascular, breast, nervous, gynecologic, cervical, and numerous other studies that contribute in the internal detection of foreign bodies or medical abnormalities, such as blood clots and tumors (“Job Outlook”). With ultrasounds serving as a non-invasive procedure, aside from transvaginal ultrasounds, patients can receive information about internal issues before they develop into an irreversible or permanently debilitating issue. Consequently, an ultrasound technician’s abilities assist with many different professions and typically follow with a patient’s medical progression. Therefore, job security and job progression is expected to increase by 46 percent between the years of 2012 and 2022 (“Job Outlook”). Considering ultrasound technicians commonly specialize in abdominal sonography, which is used to evaluate the progress of pregnancy, there is a continuous need for these technicians to continue and prosper in their

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