Writer's Hotline Bling: Case Study

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What is the background of the problem? Oscoda County is having trouble and needs our help writing business type documents. A hotline was suggested by some of the employees there that will help in correction of certain business type material. This will be a free service but there would be a need for some type of fund for the business. What will be the outcome of the project? This project can lead to a prosperous outcome, not only for the organization but for the community as well. It will help ensure that the public has a means to get their questions answered by professionals in a timely manner. This project may also help our business grow and gain new opportunities. Describe the audience for this report and the implications for structuring your report. The audience will be board members of the H. M. Luce Foundation. I am organizing my paper based on the fact that this project is much needed, not only for the business but for the community as well. Describe how the hotline will work. Faculty members who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts to help with this…show more content…
The project is to enable all individuals who have a passion for creating a professional business document to do so. They will be able to write documents that are free of errors and meet the standards of a professionally written document. I. Individuals will be able to write business documents to a professional standard II. They will also be able to use a business-like style and vocabulary while also being sensitive to the reader 's feelings. The BUDGET The services that will be provided by the employees sponsoring the project will be free. There is a cost for internet services, computers, desks, and chairs. You will be able to get a good desk and chair for 50$ each. You will need approximately 8 of each, 800 totaling for desk and chairs. There will be 6 people volunteering and 2 extra desks and chairs will be needed for those who may come in for

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