Writing And Writing: My Relationship With Writing

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It is difficult for me to discuss my relationship with writing. It is a complicated matter. I have written many professional documents during my law enforcement career. I have written letters, grant proposals, research papers, memos, emails, budget proposals, departmental policies, and much more. I assumed that my writing skills were efficient. However, as I begin this course, I realize that I have a lot to learn about writing. Nevertheless, I feel that I have a good relationship with writing. Consequently, the reason my relationship with writing is complicated bears on the fact that I have fears and apprehensions about writing. Furthermore, I want to be a good writer, and make excellent first impressions with the recipients of my writing. I value the opportunity to express my ideas, and to communicate them to others. Writing excites me tremendously. Writing has great benefits. Moreover, being a good writer will greatly impact your education, your career, and your personal life (Coulthard, 2014).
I was taught the basics of writing during my elementary education. Furthermore, it was reinforced during high school. Consequently, I have forgotten much of what I had previously learned. However, during the first week of this course, I have increased my knowledge and understanding of basic writing principles and strategies through research. I have learned to become a critical thinker by reading, reciting, and reviewing (VanderMey, Meyer, Van Rys & Sebranek, 2001). Moreover, I have

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