My Relationship With Writing

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It is difficult for me to discuss my relationship with writing. It is a complicated matter. I have written many professional documents during my law enforcement career. I have written letters, grant proposals, research papers, memos, emails, budget proposals, departmental policies, and much more. I assumed that my writing skills were efficient. However, as I begin this course, I realize that I have a lot to learn about writing. Nevertheless, I feel that I have a good relationship with writing. Consequently, the reason my relationship with writing is complicated bears on the fact that I have fears and apprehensions about writing. Furthermore, I want to be a good writer, and make excellent first impressions with the recipients of my writing.…show more content…
The concepts that I have mentioned may seem extremely basic. Nevertheless, they create difficulty for me. Furthermore, it will take a lot of research and practice to improve these skills. Moreover, I have grasped the concept of the SQ3R strategy, and I feel that this concept will be the one that benefits my writing style. Although I have learned a tremendous amount about the strategy, there is a lot more to discover. However, if you use the technique, “you must survey, question, read, recite, and review each time that you prepare to write,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). “To correctly survey your material before writing, you must read about the author, read the title, and read the opening and closing paragraphs,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). Then, “you should glance at other pages, notice headings, and pay attention to topic sentences, paragraphs, bold print, and/or italics,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). Next, “you should begin to ask yourself questions, and hopefully you will be able to answer them as you read,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). “You should ask yourself who, what, where, when, and how,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). Furthermore, after you have asked yourself the questions that I have mentioned, “you should read the entire document, recite the key points aloud, and review as soon as you are finished,” (VanderMey,, 2001, p.4). Moreover, if you follow the advice I have given, you will master the SQ3R writing strategy. The things that I have learned so far have been overwhelming. Nevertheless, I have learned how to properly read material before I begin to write. Good reading skills will increase my knowledge of the material that I use. I have learned excellent note taking
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