Writing Class Reflection

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These past few months have been interesting. I procrastinated (more than I should have), written a few papers, but I have also learned a lot about writing. Walking into this I had some writing experience but not nearly as much as I should of had. I knew how to summarize, cite, and work in groups but this class gave me the opportunity to fine tune those skills and learn new skills. College should not be taken lightly and The first new skill I learned was how to write a college level paper. When you first start a college class as a junior in high school it can be intimidating but in the end it turns out to be a great learning opportunity. The first and a major skill that is required for taking a college reading and writing class is how to write…show more content…
This lesson I had to learn the hard way because I would let my work load pile up and procrastinate writing. I turned everything in but I only hurt myself and my grade by waiting to do so. College is the complete opposite from high school. You don’t have your teachers reminding and updating you on the status of your grade. You have to check your own grades. When you take college classes you need to remember when to turn in papers and reflections because it is your work. I had to be accountable for turning my papers and reflections in on time because it was my grade on the line. This class has pushed me to organize my work and take a look at my time management skills. I did this by writing out the die dates and making sure I was using all of my free time in school to complete my assignments. I will not allow myself to put my educations and grades at risk anymore. My education is valuable to me and I’m fortunate enough to be given the chance to take advanced classes before I start college. I now know how to write a college level paper, complete research for that paper, and make sure that I turn the paper in on time to be sure I get the highest grade I can. I have learned to make use of the time given to me so that I can create the best work I can. As I move forward into English 102 and other college classes I will take these useful and important lessons with me. This is just the start of my higher education and I cannot wait to
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