Writing Course Reflection

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The content of this course is well organized, and the readings move students through the course smoothly. Moreover, students can review sample writings from previous students, and conduct peer reviews to assist each other in becoming better writers and understand the writing process. Each reading assignment gave me a better understanding and awareness of how writing works, as well as how writing changes depending on the purpose, audience, and situation. My theory about writing, as well as what is considered a nursing skill, is get to the point, be direct, and state the facts. According to the course readings by Anne Beaufort (1999), although what you say may be substantial, your topic is rarely the most important matter that will be dealt with on any given day. In health care settings, often what you communicate must be direct and to the point. However, formal writing in health care will utilize much of what we learned from this course.
Academic and professional writing is not one of my strengths. Therefore, the most important lesson I gained from this course is that I must write to become a better writer. Moreover, I appreciate that the focus of this coursework was learning new genres of writing, rather
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The article by Stedman (2011), entitled, “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” provides students several great writing tips regarding the use of quotations, citations, and references. Again, the assigned readings for this section of the course helped me develop a logical argument for chance in my workplace. For instance, Deshpande’s (2010) proposal to improve campus accessibility uses interviews, observations and scholarly sources to support her argument. Granof’s (2009) proposal entitled “Course Requirement: Extortion” is another great researched proposal sample. I believe my researched proposal provides readers an organized logical argument for change in my professional
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