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EFL Writing Transfer, Fossilization, and Treatment
Berninger, V. W., Vaughan, K. B., Abbott, R. D., Abbott, S. P., Rogan, L. W., Brooks, A., Reed, E., & Graham, S. (1997). Treatment of handwriting problems in beginning writers: Transfer from handwriting to composition. Journal of Educational Psychology, 89(4), 652-666. doi:10.1037/0022-0663.89.4.652
This article discusses the results from a twelve-week project aimed at the treatment of handwriting problems in beginner writers, transiting from handwriting to composition. The researchers use a control group and two different approaches to treat writing errors. The research focuses on types of error corrections. This paper and method of data analysis would serve well as
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The author elucidates that Romaji compliments, rather than replaces, existing orthography. However, in the current system of Education, the learning of Romaji, with its transparent phonetics, causes serious confusion to some Japanese learning EFL. The author discusses the history and importance of the various styles and their place in society, which explains why some ‘English’ words, particularly in Japanese advertising, seem ludicrous. It also explains why the same names can be written with different spelling. This issue is important as it influences students’ understanding of English letter sounds and combinations. Another interesting feature of this article relates to behavioural and motivational issues. The author explains that Romaji in Japan gains attention because of its contrasting shape. Therefore, it is useful as a strategy for communication or expression, which means it is not dominated by the strictures of core semantic meanings. Also, Romaji is the source of positive social behaviour, because it is considered ‘cool’ and/or sophisticated. I consider this article as an essential reference in the area of language…show more content…
Odlin reconsiders a question fundamental to many language teachers and educational researchers: How much influence can a learner's native language have in making the acquisition of a new language easy or difficult? Odlin analyses and interprets research showing many ways in which similarities and differences between languages can influence the acquisition of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. While these subjects are beyond the scope of my research, the section on phonetics, phonology and writing systems provides the necessary evidence to understand the effect of the transference of writing patterns from Japanese Romaji to English. This is a suspected cause of many problems. While the age of the book suggests that some of the research could be obsolete, it serves as a reference and a foundational background on the subject of transference in writing patters, even between Asian and English scripts. Therefore, this book is useful in my area of research in the field of Japanese junior high school students beginning to learn writing in
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