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IELTS is a standardized International English testing system, which is intended for checking the four basic skills of English I.e. Writing, Reading, listening, Speaking. IELTS is available for Academic as well as General training purpose. THE academic IELTS is usually accepted and conducted for admissions purpose in International institutions and colleges. The general IELTS is given by people seeking to live or take professional training abroad and work in other countries. IELTS is usually accepted and is compulsory in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, UK etc.
The writing section of IELTS gives an accurate assessment of writing skills of the test taker and has two sections to cover in it. You are supposed to do letter
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Make sure your essay is simple and high in quality for the examiner to examine and understand it easily as the essay writing carries more marks. Provide a thesis statement:-It is very important to provide a thesis statement in the first paragraph of your essay as it gives a clear idea to your examiner about the response you are going to write and on what your opinion is based on. The thesis statement is base on your question only but it is your response in your own words. aIt provides a good base to your essay. ORGANISATION:-It is very important to give attention to the organization of your essay. Dividing different arguments, discussions and conclusions in your essay makes it easy to understand and helps you fetch more marks. For learning the organization part you need to practice a lot of IELTS practice test and modal papers. Grammatically correct:-It is also very important that your essay is grammatically correct and you have used the appropriate vocabulary in your essay for presenting your responses and your ideas. You can use a variety of sentence structure and keep in mind to always answer your response in active
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