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Technology has transformed Writing Exceedingly Technology I will address my point of view or opinion on students using technology in the classroom. The author of this article is Wendy Leibowitz and the title is “How Technology transforms Writing and the Teaching of Writing. The central idea of her essay is that college professors think technology is ruining students by not teaching them the benefits of pen and paper. In response to the article about how technology affects students negatively, I disagree with technology not helping students with essays and, I agree with technology connecting people all over the world to become better writers. New technology has affected numerous generations since it came about. The modern students have less trepidation when it comes to typing essays, furthermore technology advanced the writing process. Mr. Sevn Birkerts is a lecturer in writing at Mount Holyoke College and he states, “the one good thing that everyone always say … is that it seems to reduce the initial intimidation factor in wrinting itself” (qtd.in Leibowitz 138). The writing process will always be the same whether you are using a notebook or typing it on a computer. I believe new students were raised…show more content…
Technology connects people more together on the topic of writing and critiquing. Publishing works online will give you the most unbiased comments about how internet users feel about your writing. There are an abundance of teachers who promote students to publish their work on the web such as Diane Davis, a professor of rhetoric at Iowa. In the article she emphasizes that, “publishing her students’ work online improves their writing at all stages” (140). The internet plays a big role and I do not see this tool going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you like the traditional way of writing or you favor the new and improved way is based on your choice, both ways will help you out in

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