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As I look back on the year, I feel that the techniques I have learned and the skills I have developed have improved my confidence in writing. I was able to learn the basics and from there develop my writing skills further. I learned all the necessary steps in creating a well-organized, logical paper but there will always be room for improvement.
I started the year with little to no knowledge about how a paper should be properly written and organized. Over the course of the year, however, I learned how to effectively structure a paragraph, how to arrange paragraphs to make my writing more powerful, and how the process of writing a paper feels. I found that once I got the basic structure of a paragraph down that writing became much easier.
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One problem that I was able to improve on was explaining the evidence I used in my papers more thoroughly. In my early papers, I had a tendency to make a statement and fail to fully explain its importance. After realizing that mistake I was able to use it to my advantage to make improvements in my explanation in later papers. This made my writing come across more well rounded and complete.
Although I had to learn to explain my evidence more thoroughly, one of the concepts I feel I have had a strong grasp on is staying on topic. I hardly, if ever, strayed from the topic in my past papers. I tried very hard to make sure all the paragraphs I wrote would in someway tie back into my thesis and help support it. It was a strength that came relatively naturally to me and I feel it helped to give my papers a sense of straightforwardness.
Overall, I feel that this year has given me a much more complete and solid idea of how to construct a thoughtful essay. It has definitely helped me understand how a paper should look and feel as well as revealed to me my what areas of writing I need to improve on and what areas I have the most strength
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