Syntax Skills In English Language Analysis

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In detail, syntax plays the role as to improve students’ writing skills. Writing is one of the basic skills of English language. Generally, writing skills is considered the most difficult compared to any other skills in English language. The writing skills need to be in the English education syllabus in order to be acknowledged as an essential element for students’ academic purposes. Every student needs to be able to develop their writing skills in order to produce a better essay. The process of assessment of written literacy should be well organized and well managed to make it transparent and meaningful (Elander, Harrington, Norton, Robinson & Reddy, 2006). By providing the students’ with a good method of teaching, awarding a grade, selection…show more content…
Carney (1990) defined language as a set of a new specified vocal symbol that help the human beings to communicate with others. As we all know, being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. Developing students’ communication skills can help all aspects or their life. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended is a vital life skill and something that should not be overlooked. Plus, effective communication can also be defined as conveying messages to other people clearly and unambiguously. It is also about receiving information that others are sending to you, with as little distortion as possible. Students with ability to communicate well will be achieved the best skills in their life as the communication act as the most important skills in daily life. In addition, being able to communicate effectively is therefore essential if you want to build a successful career. To achieve that, students must understand what their message is, what audience they are sending it to, and how it will be perceived. The students also need to weigh-in the circumstances surrounding their communications, such as situational and cultural…show more content…
Grammar is an important essence to communication because it helps structure is sentence and it can help in how well one can communicate. If the students have good writing skills which include syntax, they can be effective communicators because they will be able to catch on the social rules which helps they communicate well. Besides, if students have poor grammar, they will not be able to communicate effectively because they will not make sense to the speaker. Some grammar errors are sound good during communication but some are not. For example “Hey wassap with that?” sounds right but when it is interpreted to the real condition of communication, it may not make sense. The other speaker may reply depending on how you communicate. A good example of using a proper grammar is “What is going on there?” That can be replied with the use of a proper grammar. The better grammar gets the message across clearer and can be noticed that, by using improper grammar can impact social communication skills. Grammar is one of the keys to effective students’ education world and yet they need to learn basic grammar. Students in Malaysia still need to improve their grammar because most of them still did some grammatical errors

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