Writing Style In Bao Ninh's The Sorrow Of War

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The style of writing which an author uses is a key determinant in how the reader will receive and interpret the work. The literary element of style is present in Bao Ninh’s “The Sorrow of War”, particularly a sensuous style, in order to connect to the reader. The sensuous style is created through Bao Ninh’s use of imagery and immerses the reader into the incredibly detailed world he has created, making it easier for the author to relay his themes to the reader as he determines what exactly the reader feels in the novel.

Writing style is a literary element present in all forms of literary works. Style is an author’s unique use of diction, structure and vocabulary in order to elicit a particular response from the reader. Each writer has a different style, and this style often reflects the values of that particular author, for example, should an author experience the world by heavily relying on their emotions, the author’s style is likely to reflect this and may emphasise the feelings of the characters in the novel. The emphasis of the characters’ emotions may be the result of overly descriptive passages related to the characters’ emotions and metaphors to further clarify the emotions of the characters in that moment. Author’s utilise style in this way in order to better communicate their ideas with the reader. This is essential with literary texts, so as not to confuse the reader, and make them ponder the topics the author intended. The effect of style on

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