Writing Style Of O. Henry, John Steinbeck, And Mark Twain

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Classic Authors Collaborative Summative Essay
O. Henry, John Steinbeck, and Mark Twain’s writing styles withstood the test of time and created classic literature because they had many unique writing styles that made themselves excellent even to this day. Some of their styles consist of situational Irony, regional dialect, and symbolism. O. Henry had a different writing style. Unique from other classic authors. He wrote many short stories including Ransom of Red Chief, After Twenty Years, and Gift of the Magi. The first story, Ransom of the Red Chief is a story about a young boy who was kidnapped, but didn 't even know it. The people that took him let him play and have fun. In After Twenty years, two friends find out that they are worst enemies. And in Gift of the Magi, a couple buys gifts for each other, but end up selling the thing that they would have received. "Ha! cursed paleface, do you dare to enter the camp of Red Chief, the terror of the plains?" This quote is when Johnny, the kid that was captured was playing with the men who captured him. He wasn 't even aware of the fact that he was being held hostage. He thought he was just having fun. This represents situational irony because this part of the story is unexpected, along with a part later in the story, where they actually pay Johnny 's dad to take him from them. In "After Twenty Years", two best friends split up to other sides of the country to pursue the job they want to make a living out of. One ended up being
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