Writing The Essay 'Praise The Humble Dung Beetle'

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1. Chapter 10 I learned the different between integrate by bowered material (such as quotation, paraphrase or summary) and synthesize strategies by use together your own ideas with ideas of others in page 246 -247. Absolutely, the writing with rescoring is important for an essay to support the information by specific example or give the reader some feedback. In my opinion, if you write the essay, should be provide your main idea by some resources, summarize or quotations to make the essay more interesting. And, you need to write all the negative and positive things by use quotes, paraphrase and summary to present all the sides in your argument, it is very helpful to develop your writing skills. In addition, I developed my own style by reading…show more content…
In addition, she trying to tell us should be focus on Dung Beetle more than polar bear, and she provided each point by facts or proof to make her point strong. Each paragraph in her essay had different topic, and she used the paraphrases and quotes to support the ideas for example the quote in paragraph 2 “Plants and invertebrates are the silent majority which feed the entire planet, stabilize the soil, and make all the life possible” says Kiernan Suckling. However, she didn’t use the cites about these researches just put the information. I like this essay, so you can feel how the author very confident about her thesis. The second essay “The Clan of One -Breasted” Terry Tempest Williams, the author used the effective writing with resource for integrate strategy to share her experience with breast cancer, and how this disease effects to her family. She tells us about nuclear testing by used direct quotes in paragrah21,” Gentlemen, we must not let anything interfere with this series of tests, nothing” to provide her arguments with cites all these quotes and paraphrase in each

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