Writing To Change The World And Mary Pipher's Writing To Change The World

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Audience Analysis Essay
The style of writing has changed drastically over the years; each person has their own technique of getting their point across or describing their story. There are many different styles of inscription and many different ways that someone can perceive the reading based off the author 's style of writing. An author can try to catch the reader 's attention in many ways. Authors tend to be more concentrated on what the reader wants. While writing this essay I am going to discuss the comparison and contrasts of "Writing to Change the World" by Mary Pipher and "Writing for an Audience" by Linda Flowers. While comparing the two writing techniques, I am going to oversee what the similarities and differences are. Mary and
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Pipher 's encouragement came from reading Anne Frank 's Diary; after reading her diary, it changed her perspective on how she sees the world. She desired to let others know how Anne Frank 's Diary had inspired her and she plans to continue to encourage more. Mary had visualized that writing can change one 's morality, and the moral of writing can draw the attention to the wrongs of society. Her main goal is to change the world by her writing style, this way she can show others that life is not everything that it is made to be.
Linda uses philological techniques to keep her audience engaged in her fragments and she is able to get her point across to others. With Linda 's writing style, she demonstrates with writing assignment examples, this way others can relate to the information that she is giving. Linda uses this technique because she believes that it helps readers to see if they can relate themselves to the situations that she is describing. While going over the readings I believe that Mary and Linda carry some of the same characteristics when it comes to reaching out their audience for writing. It is very important to make the readers feel like they are actually in it. With that, it helps keep them engaged in
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