Wrong Number Film Analysis

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It’s a right number not Wrong No., you will find that out on Eid!
Peekay (PK) Hai Kya? No, not at all!
People, people, it’s not Aamir Khan’s PK Movie ‘Wrong Number’. It’s instead an upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Wrong No.’.
This film is a directorial and production debut of senior drama actor, director and producer, Yasir Nawaz. ‘Wrong Number’, packed with action, comedy, drama and romance, is a light-hearted tale of love, and struggle that is all set to entertain Pakistani audiences.
While revealing the plot of the film, Yasir said: “Sometimes parents force children to follow their footsteps or profession and kids have their own dreams. The movie is based on this concept.”
Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Hassan Zia of YNH Films in collaboration
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Wrong Number is featuring a sizzling performance by ravishing beauty Sohai Ali Abro in a dance song ‘Selfiyan’. Well, this girl got some real moves!
'Wrong Number' has been criticized by people for being 'too bold' for Pakistan. But Yasir Nawaz is not a bit upset because of the criticism, he says that he will take public opinion as a guideline for his next projects so let them speak.
A light comedy aimed to enthrall audiences is expected to give strong competition to other big Eid releases. 'Wrong Number' is going to stand neck-and-neck with 'Bin Roye' and Bollywood’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
But Yasir doesn’t seem bothered by this strong competition. About Bin Roye, he said, “I pray that both films do well. We can’t afford to compete at this point when the film industry is in its infancy. So, we have to support each other. Once we are settled, there can be a healthy competition.”
And where till Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is concerned, he remarked: “You can’t compare a film that has a budget of over INR100 crores with a film that is made in a few crores. But let me tell you, I will still beat it. We are ready for the
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Keeping in mind ARY Films’ track record of impressive hits, the upcoming movie will also not disappoint fans or come up short in meeting their expectations.
Come what may, the cast of the Wrong No. is overjoyed and very excited about the release. The anxiously awaited film has even stirred the curiosity among the fans.
To find out either it’s a right number or a wrong number, you will have to wait till Eid! We don't want to reveal the story, as it’s a surprise for audience. But what is Yasir’s plan for future, we can reveal that for sure!
Yasir Nawaz unmasked his future project, saying: We want to give the cinema audience a new kind of film every time we plan one, so next on the list is a pure romantic, musical film.
We have our fingers crossed and wish all the best to the whole team of the film. One thing I can assure you of is that within no time, the hilarious scenes and precise, witty dialogues will have the audience roaring with laughter. ‘A film made by Pakistanis and for Pakistanis.’
The trailer, and other two video songs, “Selfiyan and Kundi’, from the film had already amassed amazing popularity. And now, rest of the tracks are also out to set your world on

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