Wrongdoing: Agent Orange In The Vietnam War

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Wrongdoing: Agent Orange

The Vietnam War was the longest scramble in American history, but yet it is the most unpopular American war of its century. (Digital History) It occurred between 1954 and 1973, and the U.S. basically directed the war from 1965 to 1968 with the help of the largest foreign military presence, even it was the only war American ever lost. (HistoryNet, 2016) “Agent Orange is a defoliant famously used by the British military during the Malayan Emergency and the U.S. military period of the Vietnam War.” (Science 2.0, 2016) It means that Agent Orange not only used in the Vietnam War, but it was literally one of the most important factors that didn’t do a disservice only during the war, but also the following years. “The loss of a significant proportion of southern Vietnam’s forest cover triggered a number of related effects.” (Agent Orange Record) Although the aim of the Vietnam War was to prevent the spread of communism, it had a different aftermath. Usage of Agent Orange decimated the environment, damaged food supplies and caused a lot of innocent citizens to die, so Americans should have never used it from the beginning.

Trees are essentials of every community in order to provide oxygen and food for the animals that also use the trees as their home. Knowing they are that important, when American Army commander says, “Trees are our enemy.” (Agent Orange Record) it seems like there is some misunderstanding of the importance of the issue. During the war,
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