Wsup Case Management Case Study Summary

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Case management services were provided through an FTM (family team meeting) in Costa Mesa. Present at the meeting were WYP (Wraparound Youth Partner) Andy Ngo, WCC (Wraparound Care Coordinator) Omar Gomez, WSUP (Wraparound Supervisor) Tanya Carcamo, PO (Probation Officer) Daniel Arreguin, the youth, and the youth’s mother. The service minutes are high, due to the family filling out the Medicare Intake Form that could not be rushed. The PO Arreguin informed the team of the youth’s behaviors and incidents. The youth was caught with a peer who was possessing substances. The youth is testing positive for substances. The youth was caught using substances in public. The youth is not attending school consistently. WYP Ngo encouraged the youth to listen

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