Wt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

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When I enrolled in college, my student advisor went over my degree plan, and made recommendations on what courses I would need in the pursuit of my degree. Thinking to myself, that I had not been in a school environment since 1991, I had my fears and didn’t know how I would conform inside a classroom with younger students who was straight out of high school or no more than five years removed. The student advisor recommended that I begin my degree with WRTG 101, and that I take this course online. Online courses appeared to be the path to take, because you can learn at your own pace without holding other students up and looking dumb while doing it. Taking WRTG 101 in an online format proved not to be the best solution, because I have always been a face to face, teacher present type of learner, and I am not a computer savvy individual. I began WRTG 101 this semester with minimal writing skills, and after numerous writing assignments and exercises I believe that I am now on my way to…show more content…
Prior to submitting the assignment, I accessed the Turnitin website. This online website was a grading tool that scanned your paper for plagiarism, grammar, and spelling. The feedback from the website allowed me to correct any discrepancies that were overlooked while writing the assignment. After the assignment was submitted, I was informed by the instructor that I followed the format for writing assignment #2. I was given the opportunity to submit assignment #2 early, and resubmit assignment #1 at the assigned due date for assignment #2. The constructive feedback that was given by the instructor after grading, pointed out how I needed to grab the readers’ attention by being firm without being conversational, stating opinions as if they were facts, avoiding paragraphs in the first person, and eliminating paragraphs that had weak word

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