Wu Zeti The Only Female Emperor In Chinese History

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Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in the Chinese history (Tang Dynasty 625-705 AD), has inspired me during my lifetime. At the age of 22, I learn her story just from a very successful TV series which was starring by a popular actress. The series described how Wu was able to survive in the palace battle at the dynasties dynasty: became a concubine at the first king, became a favorite concubine of the new emperor by expecting a baby in an extremely tough situation, and became the empress by accusing the wife of emperor killed her infant daughter. Finally, Wu took over the administrative duties of the court and was declared emperor of China later. The battle of the throne is always the way which fully covered with blood and tears. It would be just a joke that a woman who want to be an emperor at the ancient China. Count on her indomitable character, Wu successfully cross various…show more content…
Without a doubt, Wu was the only hero who was deeply rooted in the bottom of my heart with her indomitable character. From that time of period, I began to set my goal and map my plans by targeting on accounting while waiting for other opportunities as well. Later on, I came across a chance of life changing which invited me to live in the U.S. By accepting the big challenge, I pack my life in China, and I promised myself that my future would be bloomed in the Western paradise. In the span of 9 years, I learned various of different cultures from this melting pot. (Huston, 2010) Explained the true meaning of leadership based on the western model: “a great leader lives with integrity; they are congruent in words and in actions, honest, trustworthy, authentic and compassionate.” My intuition tells me that the western leadership has its advantage to guide a person better to become a real leader than Asia countries which have the highly collectivist

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