Wujin New World Park Essay

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GAC023 AE#2 Cayla WSMS40901
GAC023 Assessment Event 2: Local Environment Survey

Local Environment Survey

Student’s Name: Cayla
Student ID#: WSMS40901
Teacher: Odette
Due Date: 6 December 2017
Word Count: 2214 Table of Contents
Abstract 3
1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 Methodology 4
3.0 Findings 5
4.0 Discussion 9
5.0 Conclusion and Recommendations 10
Appendices 11
References 15


The purpose of this research is to study the ecosystem in the Wujin New World Park. The park is situated in Hutang district which has a size of 300,000 sqms. My hypothesis is that this park has a healthy condition. To prove my hypothesis, I measured the PH of soil and water, the moisture of soil, weather, and light in a certain area. I also used transect method to collect species which located in a line and analyzed the food chain of those species. The site are has plenty of trees and flowers in different types. Fruit bearing trees are significantly healthy.They are in ideal arrangement in the park. Evidence of active ecosystem was found with biotic and
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The location of the park is in Hutang district, Wujin, Changzhou. The Wujin New World Park has 300000 square meters and it was the first park which gathers ecological, recreational, commercial and modern factors together. It has been in the area for almost 11 years. It has high and low landscape that made the park artistictly designed. In the site area chosen, I collected and measured moisture of soil, PH of soil, PH of water, the light, and weather of that day. Although, the plants and other biotic variables are in good condition, evidence of human influences were found in the area such as cigarette butts, empty bottles and so on mixed with abiotic variables. But since it is well maintained by the park’s management it can also support my hypothesis that Wujin New World Park has a healthy

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