Wuthering Heights Feminist Analysis

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Wuthering Heights is one of the most ultimate love story of all time. The book is written through the creative mind of Emily Bronte. What adds to its charm is its setting in Yorkshire, England during 1801. People assume that a book set at such a time will definitely have anti- feminist themes, but people are pleasantly surprised when they read this book. In all its length, women are presented as strong and equal contributors to society. The females in the romance serve as inspiration for the male characters to grow into better people, while the absence of the female characters has enough impact to cause the downfall of the male characters. The book shows just how important women are in society, as they form the cause and effect of most of the…show more content…
Bronte doesn’t work to hide the flaws of her characters and shows us that nobody is perfect. The Men and women both make mistakes and receive equal punishment. Catherine is a strong female character who questions inequalities and demands gender equality. Catherine is a great example of a feminist in the book as she gains understanding and respect from the male characters. She is able to recognize her imperfections and is admirable in her ability to forgive men. She also plays a huge role in Heathcliff’s life. Heathcliff respects and can identify with Catherine which says a lot about the positive picture of women in the story. Catherine is portrayed as a very powerful character and is the driving force in all of Heathcliff’s actions. The book serves as a great example for how women can bring change and shows reader’s there is a possibility of equality. Through the character, Catherine, Emily Bronte teaches readers that it is okay for women to be who they are. These are all great lessons and examples that can be used today in our fight for gender equality. Women and men must both take responsibility for their actions and should be punished equally. Forgiveness is key to accomplished equality because both men and women contribute to stereotypes. Men are also affected by the inequalities we face today and sometimes women forget this. Women impact the world and need to be better recognized for their contributions in society. They have the right to feel comfortable being themselves without the trepidation of judgement. Even today, women are careful to act in ways that don’t step far out of the norm in fear of social rejection. Wuthering Heights is relevant to people today and is a feminist book that everyone must

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