Summary Of Wuthering Heights

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Synopsis of Wuthering Heights3
Wuthering Heights follows the dramatic story of love and loss between Catherine Earnshaw and her two lovers, Edgar Linton and Heathcliff4. It begins as the narrator, Mr. Lockwood, enters the premises of Wuthering Heights, intending to meet with his mysterious landlord (1). Mr. Heathcliff. Lockwood has recently moved into an area christened Thrushcross Grange, which lies four miles downhill of The Heights, and intends to discuss business with his landowner (1). As Lockwood enters the gothic residence of The Heights, he meets a larger array of characters than expected - this group includes the maidservant, Zillah (8); the groundskeeper, Joseph (2); a man of mysterious relation, named Hareton; and a young woman,
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Catherine is upset, but eventually forgets about her friend as her wedding approaches. Three years after his dramatic exit, Heathcliff returns with a newfound wealth (132). He refuses to reveal how he earned his money (114), but has no problem flaunting the power that it gives him. Heathcliff vows to seek revenge on all those who have wronged him (134-135). He begins by aiding Hindley in falling deeper into debt (225), so that upon his impending death, Heathcliff will inherit the mansion as payment. Next, he marries Edgar’s sister, Isabella, in an effort to gain ownership over The Grange (163). Meanwhile, Catherine’s sanity and health are waning (144). She becomes pregnant, but dies after giving birth to her daughter, Cathy…show more content…
The cunning mastermind locks Cathy and Nelly in his mansion, stating that they will not be freed until the girl joins his son in marriage (323). The pair is trapped for days until Cathy pledges herself to Linton (331), and they are then released (334), just in time to say their final goodbyes to Edgar, who dies at The Grange (342). The Thrushcross property now belongs to Linton (344), who is officially joining his father in an alliance against the Linton family (336). He and Heathcliff force Cathy to reside in The Heights (345), where she is forced to live and work like a meager servant (344-345). At this point in the story, Nelly states that Linton has been dead for a short while, and that history has managed to catch up with present day
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