Ww1 Child Soldiers

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In the world today, there is more than 25 countries who still actively use children in warfare. Child soldiers are human beings under the age of 18 who participate in military actions. They are evidently cheaper to maintain and to train than adult soldiers. They are also more loyal and obedient because the young respect their elders. It has been noted that estimately, 300 thousand children were recruited to fight and perform in war (Child Soldiers.) The child soldiers of Sierra Leone, Africa are a major issue today because they are forced to fight, they are being sexually abused or forced to serve in sexual behaviors and the affects of war on these children are psychological. Something has to be done in order to protect the children of Sierra…show more content…
They are taken from their villages and communities unexpectedly. The “rebels” make them watch while they murder their families and friends and rape women and girls. It has been estimated that around 80% of rebel groups are children. From the article Child Soldiers, it mentions that children have been performing in wars for thousands of years. Germans drafted their adolescents during WW1, and many other countries around the world have done the same. Very few kids have birth certificates so it is hard to identify them as adult or child. (Getlleman 7) For most of these adolescents, war and fighting is all they know. They wake up every morning having to face death and bloodshed, never having the experience of school and playing. It is hard to think of a childhood where there was no playing or going to the park, but that is exactly what kids in certain places around the world do not receive. Kids in the United States are very privileged but yet are not thankful to live in such a wonderful country, where they receive freedom. They also do not have to live with the fear every day, wondering whether they will be killed or not. While reading an article from the New York Times, it has mentioned that rebels would just rip children from soccer fields to fight. They are considered the perfect weapon being easily manipulated and are considered fearless and loyal, unlike adult soldiers. (page…show more content…
Being in such outrageous and sickening situations, it causes the children 's developing brains to go crazy. Death is not easy, especially on children because they don’t understand it. They were just given guns and told to shoot. Other kids are either raped or wounded which also leave a psychological scar. It causes the children to go into the state of depression. Medications and treatments are needed for the children but have no money to afford such drugs, so they are left to their own devices. It is especially difficult to see loved ones and homes burned and ruined for no particular reason. The effects of seeing such cruelty are long lasting. No child deserves a life like that. Some say they are a lost generation, being so violent and disturbed. They have a very poor mental health and should be able to have access to diagnose and help each and every innocent

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