Ww1 Nicknames

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World war one was given a couple of different nicknames but the one that is most known is “the war to end all wars”. There are a couple different reasons why they gave it that nickname. One of them being that the war was of mass destruction and resulted in lots of deaths. The united states tried to stay away from the war but later on had to join forces with the allied nations. That was because the United states were against the use of submarine warfare used by Germany That ment that all the ships would be attacked by Germanys navy. That’s what led the united states to declare war on Germany. Before war was declared on Germany by the United states Germany destroyed several American ships with the use of the u boat. They killed several unarmed American and British soldiers. Several more American ships where then destroyed and made president Woodrow…show more content…
For example the use of poison gas terrified the soldiers it drowned them in fear even though the poison gas didn’t killed most of the soldiers it put them out of service for a while because they had to be treated. Then one of the new weapons that could possibly said it was under rated was barbed wire. The use if barbed wire made the enemy soldiers slow because while going through the wire it got cough on clothes and could possibly get them trap, which made them an easy target for snipers and even machine guns. Another reason why ww1 was called the war to end all wars was because it resulted in the death of about 10 million and 30 million wounded. And that was because people believed that the war would only last a couple of months and it would be over in a matter of a few months. As time passed people new it would be a long and deathly war, that spread fear all around the
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