Ww1 Soldier Monologue

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After 7 long years that i have been a soldier in war I can finally come home. I am almost here i can’t wait to see my girls again, My beautiful wife and my now
9 year old daughter. It has been so hard in the war especially without them, i’ve lost so many friends right next to me in battle. It was one of the many horrible things that i wish didn’t happen in war. I joined the war in the first place because of the stupid “join or die!” thing.
I mean i do want to fight for my country don 't get me wrong but still i had to leave everything.

I woke up this morning and grabbed the mail like i usually do and sat down in my regular wooden rocking chair. I was reading about how to war was going thankfully thing how i was not in it when all the sudden i
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As she let go my not so little anymore girl came up to me and asked “is it really you daddy.” i looked her straight in the eye and said “ yes my beautiful Ana i’m finally home” She jumped into my arms and didn’t let go until her mother said that we didn’t to talk in a serious voice. As we sat in the living room Finley my amazing wife told our daughter to go play as she did what she was told Finley looked at me and said “Eil we don’t have enough money for taxes and i need you to get another job i know you just got out of war but can you get a job soon.” i said “ we shouldn’t have to pay taxes i just got out of war and i haven’t seen my family in 7 years i did this all for england i shouldn’t have to do any more. We Are Not Paying Any Taxes." This is ridiculous my family lived without me for 7 years i couldn 't even watch my little girl grow up I 've missed everything to fight and win for my country and watch do they repay us with; Taxes. It was getting late so as i kissed Anastasia I said sweet dreams and went off to bed with Finley and fell asleep thinking of nothing but her beautiful arms holding
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