Ww1 Unit 1 Research Paper

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1. While most believe that the assassination of the Arch-Duke Francis Ferdinand was the sole event that caused the out break of World War I, there were many other underlying events that created the trouble between the major European powers. (section 25-1, Spielvogel). One of the major underlying causes was nationalism. While most thought that every nationality having their own nation-state would help people get along it did nothing but cause even more competition. (Section 25-1a, Spielvogel) On top of that, not all nationalities were granted their own state. The Slavics and Serbians are examples of this. (25-1a, Spielvogel) A Bosnian activist that worked for the Serbian terrorist organization called the black hand was actually who assassination Francis Ferdinand, proving that this was a major role in creating the war.…show more content…
Not only did was this a threat to everyone, but military leaders began to gain more power in the say of politics. (25-1b, Spielvogel) This actually ended up pushing political leaders to make decisions based on militant reasons for the fear that if they did not they would create mass chaos within their armies. (25-1b, Spielvogel) This was evident in the crisis of the summer if 1914 where many saw the dangers in the combination of the Serbians wanting their own nation and the Russian opposition to Austria. (25-1c, Spielvogel) Combine these two major factors with the governments thinking that a war would suppress internal strife and you have a the powerful mixture that caused World War
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