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There were many conflicts, invasions, treaties, plans, etc. that were being executed between the years 1919-1940 after the end of WWI. I strongly agree with the idea that World War II had started before the year 1939. In 1932, the Chaco war broke out between Bolivia and Paraguay. In 1932 as well, Manchuria, China was invaded by Japan, and in 1935, Abyssinia, Ethiopia was invaded by Italy. Because of the incidents and invasions between these countries before the year 1939, I believe WWII started before a declaration of war was even signed. In 1923, there was an incident between Bolivia and Paraguay over who was going to control the northern part of the Gran Chaco region of South America. It was the bloodiest military conflict that was battled during the 20th century, and it was awful for each country because both were poor and had lost land in previous wars. The region was thought to be rich in oil because some oil was found in the foothills of the Andes. Both countries would have benefited greatly from gaining this region;…show more content…
Both nations had signed Article X of The Treaty of Versailles, the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of Friendship and Arbitration which stated a 20 year friendship between the two, and the Kellogg Briand Pact, however, Italy still invaded without a declaration of war. The League of Nations later declared Italy the aggressor. Later that year, The Hoare-Laval Plan was proposed secretly by the United Kingdom and France which would have ended the war but allowed Italy to controllarge sections of Ethiopia. Mussolini agreed to this plan, but it caused problems in parts of Europe when it was leaked to the media; Hoare and Laval were accused of favoring the Abyssinians and they both resigned from the plan. The Invasion of Abyssinia was one incident that clearly indicated the start or even the engagement of a war before 1939 despite the actual signing of the

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