Ww2 Effects On America

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Although World War II may have happened years ago, it’s effect has had a lasting impact on the United States of America. Once the war ended a breeze of change traveled around the world resulting in many differences changing America. Ultimately the changes that blew over America after World War 2 included baby boomers, civil rights movement, and women in the workforce. Exactly nine months after World war 2 ended “the cry of the baby was heard across the land” as historian Landon Jones described. More babies were born after the war than ever before just in 1946 alone 3.4 million babies were born, and begun the so called “baby boom.” Couples after the war had children to make up for the lost time, and the economic prosperity of America at the time. At the same time the suburban boom occurred with families moving out of the cities into surrounding areas. Year after year more and more babies were born with the numbers rising every year until over 4 million babies a year were born; until 1964 when the birth rate started to decline, and ending the baby boom generation. By the end of 1964 baby boomers made over 40% of America’s population.…show more content…
Since World War II was the first war that allowed African Americans to fight alongside whites, and treated them like equals on the battlefield. After the war African Americans had lost the respect that they had finally gained during the war to being treated like inferiors after the war. This betrayal on their rights ignited what is now known as the civil rights movement to finally gain the respect they earned in the war for good. This allowed for President Truman to bring racism and segregation onto the world stage, which allowed Truman to create a agenda called to secure these rights. World War 2 finally allowed all people to have rights in America in the civil rights act of
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