Ww2 Impact On Modern Warfare

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World War 2 was the biggest war in human history, fought all across the globe. Although WW2 is long over, the remaining effects of its huge impact on modern warfare remains with us to this day. WW2 brought changes in Weapons, tactics, and the very core of human faith. However, the biggest impact that WW2 had on modern warfare was the weapons technology aspect and strategy, changing the way we make and fight our wars. WW2 was a monumental conflict that changed, drastically altered, and influenced Modern Warfare with its development of weapons technology and the introduction of new strategic ideas. World War 2 produced many weapons of mass destruction, for example, machine guns, assault rifles, heavy tanks, and Jet fighters. But the most horrible…show more content…
The German’s first utilized Blitzkrieg, to overwhelm and take France in less than a matter of months, stunning the French, who were expecting a long and drawn out Trench warfare. Blitzkrieg means “lightning war”. It was an innovative military technique first used by the Germans in World War Two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise. Blitzkrieg relied on a military force be based around light tank units supported by planes and infantry (foot soldiers). The tactic was based on Alfred von Schlieffen’s ‘Schlieffen Plan’ – this was a doctrine formed during WWI that focused on quick military victory. It was later developed in Germany by an army officer called Heinz Guderian who looked at new technologies, namely dive bombers and light tanks, to improve the German army’s…show more content…
The effect that Blitzkrieg had on modern warfare is enormous, no longer would armies sit in trenches for months, no longer would soldiers die for little to no gain, the new blueprint of modern warfare was printed when the Germans unleashed this fast and effective tactic on the world. How was Blitzkrieg and the strategy employed in WW2 changed modern warfare? Mechanized machines played a big part in the changing of the guard, tanks, fast attack Humvees were deployed to soften up the enemy lines, making trench warfare obsolete, and is similar to how we fight our battles today. Another component was air dominance, German dive bombers harassed the enemy, creating mass destruction and confusion, once the bombers were done, the infantry and tanks would move in quickly, very similar to how most tactics today are

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