Ww2 Imperialism

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World War II is commonly thought of as one war between many nations. While World War II consisted of many nations, World War II was split into two different wars. One war in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic.The war in the Pacific was chiefly fought between the Japanese and the United States of America and was caused because of the embargo set on Japan by the United States and the rise of imperialism. The war in the Atlantic was fought between the Allies and the Axis Powers. One of the main origins of the war was the Treaty of Versailles and the harsh and demanding conditions that it set on Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was formed after World War I in an effort to create peace. The treaty was mainly between the Allied Powers of World…show more content…
The Germans were allowed 100,000 soldiers and navy vessels under 10,000 tons. The Treaty regulated the amount of arms they were allowed to have and military officers the Germans were allowed to employ. The Germans were not allowed an air force, submarines, or tanks. These regulations did not comply with Hitler’s methods or ideas so he began building up the German military. Everything Hitler did he did with a purpose. Hitler’s main reason for building up the army was not for protection but in case of war during the expansion of the German empire. Hitler knew that his plan of expansion could not be carried out by the Germans alone, so Germany allied with Japan and…show more content…
Germany’s first target was Austria. Germany wanted to invade Austria to unite and grow the nazi forces and power. Germany, not met with any military push back from Austria, took Austria without any force. The Nazis then took total control of the country and citizens enforcing unjust rules as well as the elimination process of the Jews. And thus began World War II in the Atlantic.

The war in the Pacific started because of a few reasons. One was the embargo set on Japan by the United States. The embargo, an official ban on trade, was on all oil exports. Japan relied heavily on the United States for oil and this was an enormous blow to Japan’s economy. Japan needed oil in order to run its country, so they began searching for alternate resources. Japan looked to the East Indies and found they had a significant oil supply and decided to invade. The East indies were not the only place that Japan decided to raid, they also raided Pearl
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