Ww2 Informative Speech

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Over the years there have been many uses for nuclear science. Today I will share with you some information about the nuclear weapons used in World War II, like who created them, when and where they were made and tested, how they work, and the destruction they cause. Let’s get started.

The history of the nuclear bomb is really quite interesting. The first nuke was successfully tested on July 16, 1945 in the White Sands deserts that are located in New Mexico after six years of planning. The research team was granted only $6,000 until the U.S. feared that Germany was making its own uranium bomb. After this there was no spending limit for resources. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was the lead physicist of the Manhattan Project which built our nukes. At 5:30 A.M. an atomic bomb was placed on top of a 100 foot tall tower. The scientists thought
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that a large amount of the radiation that they couldn’t find was coming from goat milk and infected rain water. Local residents had not been warned because the test was done in secret. Our government didn’t have a problem with it either because we didn’t know very much about radiation in the 1940’s. Because of that people were exposed to radiation by eating crops that had been exposed and just breathing in the air. The exposure from the Trinity Bomb test was over 10,000 times more than the recommended dose of radiation that people should be exposed to.

Next I’ll tell you about Fat Man. In the implosion type bomb there is a core of plutonium that is wrapped with thousands of pounds of explosives. Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. It was the second bomb we dropped during the war. The bomb weighed 10,800 pounds and was 10 foot 8 inches long. The fuel was enriched plutonium 239. The core was surrounded with 5,300 pounds of explosives and the core of plutonium was made to be the size of a tennis
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