Wyoming Stock Growers Association: Case Study

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across the state. With the meeting coming to and the resolutions suggested to the group were resolved and set for the association. Resolution 1) An executive committee of three members from the city of Cheyenne, elected by the association and serve for one year. Resolution 2) The executive committee had entire control of inspectors and the association during their tenure. They also represented the association before the Wyoming Territorial Legislator. Resolution 3) The Chairman of the committee at each annual meeting would make a report and deliver it through the secretary to the committee with any information that was pertinent to the association. Resolution 4 To have a quorum on two of the executive committee had to be present. Resolution…show more content…
During this, time the association grew from 85 members in 1879 to 195 by 1882. In almost doubling their size in three years, it was obvious the association was making moves to become larger and stronger within Wyoming. There was a lot happening for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. According to the Cheyenne Daily Leader, In July of 1890, several of the rich bachelors in Cheyenne teamed up with a group of rich married men in an effort to building an English Club, many of these being stockmen. They purchased land in Cheyenne and made plans to build a luxurious club that they could enjoy those comforts of home the missed living in the West. It was clear that these men had spared no cost by statements made by the Cheyenne Daily Leader in September, “The new club house will be very large and a fine building”. Construction of the club finished April 1881. The Cheyenne Club held their first formal meeting in the clubhouse, April 6, 1881. These rich stockmen spared no expenses on the Cheyenne Club House as the December 1881; Cheyenne Daily Leader gave a detailed description of the club. The city of Cheyenne was extremely proud of this new structure in the city as paper stated, “This elegant structure is one of the most admired of our many splendid buildings, as it is a beauty in architecture and finish”. The clubhouse dimensions…show more content…
Many that decided to make their fortune in the cattle industry early on had taken advice from a published book that explained the vast wealth that this industry might bring someone. General James. S. Brisbin, in 1880, authored a book entitled, The Beef Bonanza or How To Get Rich On the Plains: Being a description of Cattle-Growing, Sheep-Growing, Horse-Raising and Dairying. One might assume Brisbin was well versed in working in the cattle industry. Brisbin was nothing of the sort. He was a former schoolteacher before the Civil War and as his assignments brought him West, he was able to observe the fortunes made by cattlemen every day. He had written books about President James Garfield, General Ulysses Grant, and even a one on trees and tree planting. Brisbin had no background with cattle, horse, or sheep. He simple wrote a book on his experience what he observed from those already established in the West. The book was a great seller in the United States, but in England, it was a top seller. It questions the motives of those who came to the Wyoming that they might not consider the author of a book that explains how to make a fortune in a field he has not worked in but merely observed. It is apparent that many British aristocrats flocked to the west seeking their fortunes, which many in fact made, however Brisbin, may not have warned them of the vicious winters that the West experienced

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