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I am dedicated, persistent, trustworthy, blunt, and honest as can be. I not only attend high school, but attend Cowley County Community College (CCCC). I attend Cowley to further my knowledge in automotive so that I can be prepared for a job. I am fascinated by the automotive industry and hope to concentrate on diesel technology as well as performance automotive. Working on cars is my biggest hobby, both money and time wise. After high school, though, I will be finished with Cowley and will attend Wyotech to further my knowledge in diesel and automotive performance. Wyotech is located in 3 states and i will be attended the one in Laramie Wyoming. I will have many certifications after I graduate from Cowley, but right now I am Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified in Performance I and II and Electrical I and II. When it comes to learning these skills I am a quick learner, have a good memory, and good people skills. These will all help me in my future career because I plan to work in an automotive or diesel shop after Wyotech. During my junior year of high school, I became enrolled in multiple different classes through CCCC. Throughout both my junior and senior year I have been…show more content…
There is no way I want to be working in a fast food kitchen flipping burgers for the rest of my life. I deserve a scholarship because I am going to go to an automotive school and get a job in the diesel field working on school busses for Wichita 's public schools. To be ASE certified I am required to take a test for which ASE certification I want. The more ASE certifications I earn, the more chances I have of being hired with more pay. Right now I am a student ASE certified, so once I graduate from Cowley, I will earn multiple ASE certifications and get employed. Certification costs $36, and each ASE test is $37 while each advanced ASE tests are $74

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