Wystan Hugh Auden Poetry Analysis

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Wystan Hugh Auden was the third and youngest son of religious doctor and nurse. He was born in York, Great Britain, in 1907. He had two siblings older than him. Since he was a little child he started to be interested on geology, but he will start his studies on biology in Oxford. Apart from his scientific interests, he was really interested on literature since he was an adolescent and he began to publish his first poems very soon. Then he gave up studying biology and initiated his studies on literature. He was clearly declared a leftist man and he expressed so on his works. In fact, he was really compromised with politics in his first literary period in Britain, also giving his political opinion on the situations of other countries as Spain,…show more content…
Later he will write great poems as Spain (1937) after having visited the country when it was happening the Spanish Civil War to work there. He also wrote Stop all the clocks (1938), Musée des Beaux Arts (1939), The Unknown Citizen (1939), Another Time (1940) and the love poem Lullaby (1940). Criticism When dealing with this genre, he wrote works as Lectures on Shakespeare (1944), commenting The Tempest by Shakespeare, and Forwards and Afterwards (1973). Drama He also wrote some dramatic works as Paid on both Sides (1928), The Sea and the Mirror (1944) and The Age of anxiety (1947). Travel works He wrote Letters from Iceland when he traveled to this country in 1937. Lullaby Auden wrote Lullaby in 1940, when he had already gone to United States, and it belongs to his more personal second literary period. In terms of formal structure, the poem follows octosyllabic lines with consonant rhyme. And it is developed in the manner which is expressed next to the lines. Sometimes the rhyme becomes slant rhyme in the rhyme of words as “arm” (line 2) and “from” (line
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