X Canto Of Dante's Inferno

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This is a rendition of the X Canto of Dante's Inferno. The way how the poem is iterated is in the style of a short story. The characters that are all associated within the text are still in and the liberties taken amongst the essay is the dialogue has been made to fit more along the style of a short story but the whole concept of the poem still holds true. The story that the X Canto tells is Dante and Virgil going through the sixth circle of hell, where all the heretics are at. Dante then has a conversation with another poet named Farinata. They exchange a conversation back and forth until interrupted by Cavalcante de’ Cavalcanti. Afterwards Farinata speaks more towards Dante foretelling him of bad things to come, Dante questions why he would…show more content…
“I speak of them because of their ethics revolving the soul, they pursued pleasure in life because that they believed that the soul died with the body.” “Unaware of the importance of the soul as a entity but because the soul is something you cannot see the Epicureans disregarded the soul within us.” “This circle is the circle of the heretics submerged deep within the sixth layer of hell were until judgement day these souls shall burn in these tombs”. Then suddenly a voice emerges from the distance, and then it's soon realised a shade has submerged from the depths of a tomb. The shade mutters, saying that it knows of that accent, the shade knows Dante and recognized him through his voice while the two were talking. Uneasy of the situation Dante is reluctant to respond or even get near but Virgil beside him reassures him telling Dante to speak with the decrepit soul. He walks closer step by step as the voice gets louder Dante starts to realise that the shade that was speaking was actually someone he knew. It was Farinata, Dante's political enemy rising from the flames erupting from the
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