X-Men Movie Character Analysis

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The X-Men series consisted of six movies, X-Men, X-Men 2, The Last stand, X-Men First Class, X-Men origins and the most recent one X-Men Days of Future Past. However, there are hundreds of X-Men comic books and so there have been a lot of changes between the comics and to movies because there is too much information to put into all the movies. There are over a hundred different characters in the X-Men series but I will be focusing on the 8 main movie characters: • Professor X • Magneto • Wolverine • Storm • Mystique • Rogue • Jean Grey/ The Phoenix • Cyclops Professor X In the comic books prof X is Xavier’s Schools headmaster and financier and is the founder of generation X. He is a very generous, humble and caring person but at the same time is extremely secretive. His superpowers include Telepathy and Astral Projection which is basically being able to have an out-of-body experience. But he sometimes uses his telepathy to induce pain in his attackers In the movies he possesses these same traits but is a little less secretive than in the comic book. He never uses his power to induce pain in anyone. In the most recent movies we have seen a young prof X. This younger version is more aggressive, rash, and has hair and on top of that he can…show more content…
He continues to wear the famous helmet which is also shown in the movies. Magneto had a tough childhood of being experimented on which led him to hate humans and believe that mutants are superior to them. He is ruthless and willing to sacrifice anyone in his quest to rid the world of humans however, he does have a compassionate side which is mainly shown towards his best friend, Prof X. He has the power to control metal which is known as magnetism. All of this is the same in the movie and the comics however, in the comics magneto had a wife and daughter who were both killed by humans, this never comes up in the movie. But, again, not much

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