XVII Solemn Exposition Of The Body Of St. Francis Xavier: A Miracle

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St. Francis Xavier – A Miracle Starting from 22 November through January 4th, 2015 thousands of devotees, both Christian and non-Christian alike, will flock to the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa to pay tribute to the “Patron Saint of Missions.” This year marks the XVII Solemn Exposition of the body of St. Francis Xavier. During the exposition, which is held every ten years for a total of six weeks, Goa is engulfed in an atmosphere of devotion and celebration. Many travel from all around the world to this church to venerate and pay their respects to the beloved Sanit. Many others visit the church site to witness the grandeur of the Basilica and catch a glimpse of the miracle it houses. The Basilica is over 400 years old and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The shrine is a magnificent example of baroque architecture which holds within its walls inscriptions, murals and paintings that are of aesthetic and historic value. The marble floor of the Basilica is ornamented with precious stones. The scared remains of St. Francis Xavier are placed in a silver casket within this shrine atop a mausoleum which is a gift from Cosimo III, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Before the Basilica became the final resting place of the beloved saint, his body was moved and buried three times. And to the surprise of those dealing with the corpse of St. Francis, the body was devoid of any decomposition and smell every time it was exhumed. St. Francis died on December 3, 1552, on the island of Sancian,

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