XX Century Modernism In Animation

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Introduction In this essay I will discuss the impact XX Century modernism had on animation. I will also analyse its importance and relevance as a way of understanding its principals and origins. Modernism is usually confused as a form of art which ‘is modern’ with it’s own set of principals and a unique ways of assessing art. Everyone has their on opinion on the subject but one thing is certain, art was stagnating and in need of something new . The modernism movement went from the late 19th century over to the 1960’s. The values from Modernism are the visual graphic aesthetic which evokes communication and expression of art away from realism in a non-conventional way. This essay discuss how Modernism rejects "the old" and embraced "the new"…show more content…
Both had an enamours impact on modern animation by having an unique and comtemporary style Mary Blair and Grim Natwick became an asset to any studio at the time. Grim Natwick worked for several major studios but his first animation for Walt Disney was the female lead in "Cookie Carnival". Walt Disney was impressed with Grim's abilities and skills and from this work assigned him to animate the female lead in the upcoming feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After the World War II, the distribution of films abroad had collapsed and the production in the USA was subsidized. At the same time the budget for the production of Cinderella was cut shorter, however Walt Disney knew that it couldn’t decline in quality. He envisioned it to be different and strikingly beautiful, and for this job he assigned Mary…show more content…
The connection between Animation and propaganda is a very interesting topic due its origins and intentions towards a certain audience. It's perfectly understandable to know why animation was used on propaganda by its simple and "innocent" style. This association is mostly due to its origins as a children’s entertainment. The audience therefore lowers it’s guard. The judgment and pre-concept is removed from the context and people become more venerable as to not expect a political message to be delivered in an "innocent media". Animation also did not have a class system, race or gender, it spoke to everyone and anyone. It's a clear and concise media which allows you to say exactly what you want. The studios would control every single frame of the film showing only what they want the audience to see. This method increased the power of the message intended using popular loved characters that were relatable to people and expressed innocence. These characters became heroes by being portrayed on tanks, aircrafts, ships, and bombs. Another character that was not charming but certainly strong was Blitz Wolf created to symbolize Adolf Hitler. This Character was shown wearing a Nazi uniform and having the same moustache as

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