Xacc 280 Week 1 Mini Case

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In this case I will be investing $100 and the assumption is that it will be compounded monthly. Investing that for 5 years earning 5% p.a interest. My interest percent monthly will be 0.05/12, and I would get .0042%. Number of payments that is 12 months times 5 years for the first scenario to get 60 total payments. My payment is as discussed earlier of $100.00 a month. My formula would look like $100(((1 +0042^60) -1)/.0042) and that totals $6807.55. To get my interest it would be $6807.55-6000=$807.55 is total interest earned on the 5 years scenario. To get the interest I took my total amount subtracted the total payments to received that number. If I were to do this for 30 years I would take the same $100 a month at 5%, this time though it will be a total of 360 payments since it is 30 years. My formula would be $150(((1+.0042) ^360) -1)/.0042) = $107653.67 is the total future value. To get the interest it would be $107653.67 -36000=$71653.67…show more content…
If I did that it would be like a awesome gift. Easy money that you "forgot" that you had, when you do get it. It could really help when your income isn 't as high as it used to be when you were setting this money
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