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In chapters twenty seven through twenty nine, Alex discusses the progress made with his boss, and it is determined that Alex will need to show another increase in profits this month. This is going to be a difficult task as the orders have been caught up and the current orders will not produce the results that his boss is looking for. Alex needs to figure a way to get more orders. This he believes may be difficult as their prior reputation was not that great for shipping orders in a timely manner.

Every year, I must forecast the dollar volume of mortgage originations that I believe we will be able to close. In addition to that forecast, I must also forecast the gain on sale of loans that we will receive. This income is forecasted on a monthly basis. I take into consideration a number of fluctuations for the different months. This year I forecasted a low volume for January and to my surprise the gain on sale of loans was much higher, that helped carry me through the first quarter. The second quarter we did a little under budget and the CEO wanted to know how I could get it back to where it should be and how I was going to make up the difference.
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We pushed marketing to start doing more advertising as we’ll as incentivized the branch staff to solicit mortgage applications. My assistant and I actually went on the radio and talked about the benefits of buying a home and what was needed. Last month we were able to exceed the monthly target which assisted us in making up the deficit. We are on target to do the same thing this month.

I think this chapter is trying to explain that it is important to keep thinking of alternatives and think outside the normal way of doing things. This is something that we have to continually do in my line of

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