Xacc/280 Week 1 Reflection Paper Powerpoint

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I find the video streams, PowerPoint slides, handouts and website reviews to be most helpful. I find the other resources just as valuable, but I selected these three as my top choices because I am a visual learner therefore the video streams help me out tremendously. I have taking completely online and hybrid classes before; however, those did not include the professor’s lecture online. I think what is brilliant about this course is that I can repeat a lecture at anytime. Being able to watch the video as many times as I need to have been a lifesaver. I have never been able to watch my lectures and repeat them if for some reason I missed key information. Prior to this program, I have taken an online course and enjoyed it, but this course is a little different because of the video streams and other resources available. I absolute love the fact that audio streams are provided because I can put my ear plugs in, and listen to the lecture over and over again. I am the type of learner who needs to watch the lectures…show more content…
I also love the fact that I can print the handouts and study them at any given time. The journal articles are great as well it provide a great deal of understanding for me because they go into details that help feel missing pieces of the puzzle that I may not understand through video lectures, handouts, audio or the class discussions. I look forward to the weekly quizzes because each week there is an interesting topic to read, write or think about. I feel assured that I am being provide with a number of tools that can help me succeed. Basically, all of these tools can help guide me through the process of completing the referral letter and psychological report exercise. In sum, I really appreciate how this course takes into account the different of learning styles such as, kinesthetic, audio and visual. I feel like this course it meant to help me succeed rather than

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