Xander's Role In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Xander’s role in buffy the vampire slayer is quite hard to understand and can really get you thinking. Why would the writer put a character like him in the show? How does his role in the show affect its overall message and what does he do to create this effect? The conclusion that I have come up with on this matter would be to in a way make Buffy look more masculine. In the show, there seems to be a contrast between Xander and Buffy. Xander constantly and consistently throughout the show is trying to prove that he is masculine. He also tries to view Buffy as a little girl that can’t take care of herself and needs to always be saved. I feel like maybe subconsciously Xander has to admit that Buffy is more masculine than he is. You can kind of see that he is a little possessive almost like he doesn’t like for either willow or Buffy to have any contact with any other guys which is kind of like a cross-role where instead of a girl being jealous of a guy it turns the gender roles around which is a very common thing in Buffy.
Some examples of what I talked about in episodes 1-4 first of I talked about the gender role
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It’s actually quite simple if you look into the feministic element of the show. They put Xander in the show in order to create a comical effect by making him a feminine male side character. While the main character is a masculine female character. To try and create a movement in the current culture of the television and the world's overall view on woman. By Josh Whedon making Buffy into a powerful young female figure and making his side character Xander a weak feminine male figure. It shows the people of America that the clique notion of men being strong and woman being weak is not the right way of viewing things. So by that logic he put Xander in the show in order to show that a female main character can be powerful than a male
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