Xbox One Persuasive Speech

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Xbox One
If you are ever bored because it is raining outside or you none of your friends are aloud out then play Xbox it is fun. Xbox one I don’t think that a lot of people play xbox one. I know that some girls do and most boys do. I love the Xbox one I don't what I would do if I didn’t have my Xbox One. If I didn’t have my Xbox One I wouldn't be able to watch Netflix or play games. If I didn't have my Xbox one I would be bored because all my friends don't live near me with xbox I can talk to them.

The Debate about if Playing Xbox One is Good for you or not
The debate about if Xbox One is good for you is a really pointless in my opinion. I think if they say the games are bad or the console is bad, then why would you buy, the games or the console in the first place. Some people say that if kids play any game, it helps them with hand-eye coordination. Which I think is true because in shooting games, kids have to have a good shot to kill them. Here is something that people also say that can happen if kids play games too much potential death. I use to think that was a lie, but then I watched a video if a kid who played the game too much he didn't eat, drink or even use the restroom so after a while he just died in his room. The last one I put on the list is it encourages
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I know that the Xbox can be good for you and bad for you it just depends on what you play. I also learned that the number one game on Xbox is one of the most inappropriate games on Xbox. Another thing I learned is people just playing Xbox for entertainment or they say it is just fun. Here is a little fact about Xbox is if use $60 do buy a pass for Xbox plus all the controllers and games you buy equal between 360-430 dollars. Xbox is awesome, I play it everyday I whether I watch Netflix, youtube or play my games I still love to play on my Xbox. Did you learn anything from this
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