Xenia In The Odyssey: The Law Of Hospitality

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Xenia, The Law of Hospitality The theme of Xenia was one of the most spotted out in The Odyssey, which is the Law of Hospitality. The Law of Hospitality is being polite to strangers who need assistance but it is more than it’s a host and guest relationship. Xenia is seen throughout The Odyssey. Xenia provides an effort of making the community a safer and better community. Xenia benefits each other when help is needed. Telemachus encounters Helen and Menelaus and they give him information about his father. Without the information he got about his father , Telemachus would have lost hope, but also be left to return without a solution to kick out the suitors in his house. Aid is provided according to the Law of Hospitality. Eumaeus without…show more content…
When a stranger is seen, Xenia has to be put in effect also. Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous instantly offers clothing and beverage to Odysseus being a surprise to her. Nausicaa seeing Odysseus naked knew what he needed and offered it to him because being kind and warming to the guest was the point of Xenia. The social standard didn’t matter whether Xenia was put in action, it always had to be present. Penelope and the old servant treated the old beggar as any other guest, the beggar was help in the house of Penelope and Odysseus. Being disrespectful toward how the old man was perceived would go against the Law of Hospitality. Xenia puts the homeowner on watch 24/7. Telemachus observed Athena and hurried over embarrassed that she was held back by the gates. Telemachus wasn’t aware that Athena would be coming to visit him. WIthout knowing she would arrive, he was shocked that no one provided assistants to her. Even though Xenia is a good way to receive accompany, Xenia isn’t followed at times. The cyclop , Polyphemus was not following the Law of Hospitality because his father Poseidon has the same amount of rein. Polyphemus captured the crew of Odysseus but also him himself. Polyphemus ate four of the crew but also tried to keep them captive. Being the owner of the cave would have meant for him to offer the crew beverage, but also to let them leave freely when they wanted to leave. In all, Xenia should be put into effect whether the person is a stranger or a known person. There is not exceptions whether the law should not be
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